Valet Business Insurance Coverage in Utah

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If your company offers valet parking or if your company has hired a company to offer valet parking for your customers, it’s imperative to have the right insurance policy. Valet parking is available at restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other facilities all throughout the United States. With the convenience of not hassling to find a parking spot, more people are willing to pay for this service, but they are certain to hold you liable for damages you cause while the vehicle is in your care, custody and control. Protecting your business with the right valet insurance policy will ensure you don’t incur incidental damages from parking lot accidents.

Coverages for Valet Companies can include:

General Liability Coverage – can cover a claim for injuries caused by a valet to a person, including pedestrians or damage to property such as other vehicles or buildings

Garage Keepers Liability – The “care, custody and control” coverage. This provides coverage for damages to the vehicle that is under the valet company’s care.

Workers Compensation – Coverage for medical and disability for your valets should they become injured on the job.

& More.

You’ll want to make sure your valet business is covered with the right insurance coverage. Direct Insurance Services in Salt Lake City will search through their several top rated insurance companies to find the best insurance policy. Our agents will discuss your risks and needs, as well as offer a valet insurance quote that fits your budget.